Google: Android launch in China 'irresponsible'

Google has confirmed that it has postponed the launch of two Android-enabled devices in China, which were due to be unveiled yesterday by China Unicom.
In a press statement TuesdayGoogle did not explain the reasons for the delay. But a Google executive is quoted as saying it would be “irresponsible” to launch the smartphones in China, as planned, since it was unclear “how things are going to turn out” in the coming weeks. 
Last week, Google revealed it had endured a spate of cyber attacks on its Chinese search engine and said that it would no longer censor its results of its search engine in China, even if it meant it had to exit the market.
Earlier this week, China Unicom said it had indefinitely delayed the launch of two Android-enabled devices – Samsung’s GT-i6500U and Motorola’s XT701 devices – reportedly because of Google’s possible withdrawal from China.
Unicom, which also distributes Apple’s iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G devices in China, is developing its customized Android-enabled OS called Uphone, using Unicom’s own OS, UniPlus.
Rival China Mobile has also developed its own customized Android OS known as OPhone. 

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