Google unlikely to be broken up despite EU vote in favour; India advised against Vodafone tax challenge

> Samsung's share price rose in early trading on Thursday, after the company announced its first share buy back in seven years. Article

> Amazon dropped the price of unlocked 32-GB Fire smartphones by $250 (€200). Report

> Twitter plans to monitor the apps users have installed on their smartphones to offer tailored content to its members. Report

> Google is unlikely to be broken up, despite MEPs voting to split the company's search functions from commercial services. Report

> Isabel dos Santos said she will maintain her takeover offer of €1.35 ($1.68) a share for Portugal Telecom despite a 25 per cent rise in the stock. Article

> Telecom Italia is reportedly considering Elisabetta Ripa for the post of Telecom Argentina CEO. Article

> India's attorney general has advised the government against challenging a regional court ruling in favour of Vodafone Group in a long-running tax dispute. Article

And finally…In a hurry? One Israeli company says it can now charge a mobile phone in just 30 seconds. Article

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