Google unveils new search features

Google yesterday unveiled a number of new and upcoming search features, including refined page summaries and the ability to run searches across both mobile devices and PC.

The company has added a tab to the search page called Search Options, according to the Google blog Within the new page, results can be restricted to the past 24 hours, past week or past year. Users will also be able to search for results from a specific month or year.

The page can also be configured to only return results identified as reviews, forums or videos.

Google will also aim to provide more detailed page summaries, capturing the gist of the page. This can't be achieved automatically, Google said, so the company is encouraging webmasters to adopt microformats and RDFa standards to help them tag the most relevant text on a page.

Another new feature is the Wonder Wheel, which aims to help users refine their results by providing a chain of related searches.

An upcoming feature, Google Squared, will trawl the internet for information on a searched-for topic and provide a table of results.

Google is also working to also allow users to co-ordinate internet searches across their computers and mobile devices, the company said.