Google WiFi data breaches go global

A privacy storm surrounding Google’s StreetView service has spilled over to Asia, with Google agreeing to delete personal data it mistakenly collected from WiFi networks in Hong Kong.
Google agreed to allow Hong Kong’s Privacy Commissioner Roderick Woo to review the data collected, and agreed to delete personal data as and when Woo requested, in a meeting with the Commissioner earlier this week.
The search giant has also suspended its StreetView camera cars in Hong Kong until it can assure the Commissioner the operation is no-longer collecting personal data.
Macau’s Office for Personal Data Protection has backed Hong Kong’s action, reports.
Violation of Macau’s personal data protection laws is an administrative crime that would be punishable under criminal law, the news site said.
Google faces similar probes in Europe, after admitting its StreetView camera cars had gathered the information there as well.
CEO Eric Schmidt has tried to play down the significance of the blunder, claiming that no harm was done, the BBC reported Tuesday.