Great broadband switch - Part III

It’s done. The great broadband and phone service switchover went off pretty much without a hitch, bar a few teething troubles yesterday.
I’ll admit I was skeptical that changing the provider of one communication service would go easily, so to change two key elements at once made me gear up for problems, despite regulatory guidance there should be little or no disruption of service.
Those of you following this series of blogs will know that the situation looked bleak only a few days before my old services were switched off. A late flurry of activity changed that. The router arrived about the same time as a progress report by e-mail, which confirmed there would be no break in service.
Regular readers will also know that I was quite shocked by the sheer cost of a copper-based broadband service in the year 2011. What this series of articles should show is that it is worth shopping around for a better deal, and that perceptions of hassle shouldn’t make you put up with poor customer service or high prices from your current provider.
If you are a service provider, take heed of my comments regarding customer service over the past few weeks, because it really does matter even if it does eat into earnings at a time when cost savings are being sought.

There are some costs you can’t quantify, and satisfaction is one of them.