Greece vows to promote broadband services

Greece has promised to promote broadband services in the country by attracting more new investments and deregulating the market, a Comtex news report said.

The report quoted Greek Transport and Communications Minister Mihalis Liapis as saying that there was a need for healthy and fair competition in the market, so the government would promote a deregulation of the market in infrastructure and network services.

"We need policies to support investments in research and development of new technologies along with measures to boost demand of broadband services," Liapis said.

The minister said the government was in the final stages of an ambitious plan, worth 210 million euros, to promote broadband in the country by offering to cover 50% of the program, according to the report.

He noted that the government's policy aimed to cover up to 60% of the country's geographic regions by 2008, from 13 percent currently, the report said.