Greedy seagull snapped by Google

Google SeagullThis bizarre image captured by Google’s Street View camera cars in the UK is fast becoming an internet smash.
The greedy seagull, snapped just after stealing a chip in sea-side resort Brighton, is one of dozens of strange shots appearing on the mapping service, after Google completed its tour of the majority of UK roads last week.
Other strange sightings include a pair of pliers that appear to hover above a quiet street like a UFO, the Daily Mail reports.
Google’s Street View has been a controversial addition to its mapping service, with many users complaining it infringes their right to privacy.
The latest controversy surrounds Google’s decision to upload shots claimed to be the exterior of a military base used to train SAS personnel in the country.
Google reportedly defended the snap, claiming that because it was taken on a public highway, it revealed nothing more than the public could see in person.