Greek island goes wireless

The Greek island of Patmos, allegedly the place where St. John wrote the Book of Revelations, is going wireless. A wireless mesh network jointly developed by MIT's Media Lab and Nortel Solutions Interoperability Laboratory will provide island-wide WiFi access for locals and tourists. The new innovation is largely down to telecommunications guru Nicholas Negroponte who has a holiday home on Patmos. Negroponte has always wanted to provide Internet access to the island and in the 1990s established a local dial-up ISP called 12Net. The new wireless mesh network will use Nortel technology and the initial deployment will have eight core nodes and fifty access nodes. The network will provide WiFi access, including indoor coverage, to the major parts of the island. 12Net is implementing the mesh network with Uni Nortel--a joint venture in Greece between Nortel and IT company Unisystems--which is responsible for the commissioning, design and installation of the network.

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