GSA: Global LTE subscriptions reach 1.29B in Q1 2016

The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) said LTE gained 182 million connections in the first quarter of 2016 to reach 1.29 billion worldwide by the end of March. Based on figures provided by Ovum, the association said over 645 million LTE subscriptions worldwide were gained during the past year, representing 100 per cent annual growth. LTE subscription growth was almost four times faster than that of 3G/HSPA systems. 3G/HSPA subscriptions grew by 48 million while GSM subscriptions fell by 120 million in the same quarter. The number of LTE and LTE-Advanced subscriptions is expected to pass the 3G/WCDMA-HSPA global total in 2020, and possibly sooner. The European share of the global total is 14 per cent. Report