GSA: LTE user devices reach 4,416

The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) said in a recent report that the number of verified LTE user devices now stands at 4,416 after 1,770 were added since February 2015. The number of LTE device suppliers grew 34% in the same period. The scope of the research for the report was widened this time to include the device ecosystems for band 30 (2.3 GHz WCS spectrum) and band 21 (1.5 GHz). Terminals capable of supporting LTE Broadcast services enabled by eMBMS were also identified. The smartphone form factor is the largest LTE device category, with 2,706 smartphones giving a 61.2 per cent share of all LTE device types. The GSA further noted that 300 VoLTE-capable devices including 275 smartphones have been announced. Release

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