GSA: Smartphones are driving LTE devices growth

Smartphones are the main driver of growth in the LTE market and now account for 47 per cent of all LTE device types, according to latest figures from the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA). This compares with 455 smartphones and a 36 per cent share a year ago. The association noted that 183 manufacturers have so far announced 2,218 LTE-enabled user devices, including operator and frequency variants. Of these, 1,045 are smartphone products. Around 98 per cent of LTE smartphones are multimode, capable of operating on at least one 3G technology in addition to LTE. The next most popular LTE device category is routers (comprising CPEs and personal hotspots), followed by tablets, with dongles pushed down to fourth place. Some 207 LTE-connected tablets have now been announced, which is an 18 per cent increase in the last three months alone. Report