GSMA to test carrier ENUM service

The GSM Association will begin a pilot service that will make it easier to transmit instant messages, MMS, emails, video and other IP-based communication services between mobile and fixed-line phones.

The Number Resolution Service (NRS) is a managed service based on "Private" or "Carrier" ENUM solution, an enabler used by operators to associate the phone numbers of subscribers with the IP addressing information of the subscriber's IP-based services. It leverages tried and trusted domain name server (DNS) technology and will enable operators to route and exchange IP traffic of any kind using telephone numbers.

With the service, operators can extend the universal reach and ease of use of phone numbers to a much wider range of IP-based services, such as IM and video service, the GSMA said.

The pilot will begin in the second quarter of 2008 with commercial service scheduled later in the year. Bharti Airtel, mobilkom austria, Telekom Austria and Telenor will participate in the pilot service, which will be managed by the clearinghouse and directory services provider NeuStar on the GSMA's behalf.