Half world's attack traffic comes from Asia

Asia is now responsible for just under half of the world's attack traffic, with Indonesia leading the pack as the prime originator, Akamai states.
Regular figures from the cloud platform provider show that Indonesia was the top attack traffic source during 3Q11, accounting for 14% of observed traffic. China and Taiwan were in second and third place, generating 20% apiece. The US, Russia and Brazil were in fourth, fifth and sixth place respectively, while attacks originating in South Korea more than tripled, making the country the seventh largest generator
Akamai's quarterly State of the Internet report also finds that the global average internet connection speed is now 2.7 Mbps, and the global average peak data rate 11.7 Mbps. South Korea still leads the world, with an average speed of 16.7 Mbps – up 10% during the quarter.
While Japan dominates the list of the 100 fastest broadband cities, it trails behind second-placed Hong Kong by average connection speed. The average speed in Hong Kong is 10.5 Mbps, compared to Japan's 8.9 Mbps.
Akamai also estimates that global broadband adoption grew to 66% by the end of the quarter, with adoption of 5Mbps or faster connections increasing to 29%.