HD video on handset within two years

With MMS traffic still only a fraction of mobile operators' data traffic, the likelihood of them wanting to subsidise a handset that is capable of recording high-definition video will need some imaginative sales techniques.

But this doesn't seem to worry Nokia, which stated last week at its Capital Markets Day briefing that it could have such a product available within two years. The company's CTO admitted that this capability was destined for inclusion within the mobile handset, albeit some years away.

Evidence that Nokia is keen to push forward with attacking the camcorder market comes from its new N95 model which already records television quality video. The company has forecast that it will sell around 200 million camera phones this year and aims to sell more than 250 million in 2008.

Chip maker Broadcom added to this debate by stating that it had started limited shipments of its new single chip decoder which enables HD quality video on cellphones, and Texas Instruments also has a prototype.

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