HDTV encoders for ENG

NTT Electronics had provided some high-definition MPEG-2 encoder/decoder products for testing by CBS, one of the US' three major network broadcasters, in high-definition TV electronic news gathering (ENG).

In the testing, CBS measured the microwave signals containing HD data from an ENG van parked up to 35 miles away from its receive site atop the Empire State Building. CBS experienced 100% success at an HD data rate ranging from 18-28Mbps, while it had to pass through the maze of buildings that were a feature of the Manhattan landscape.

The tests, carried out in difficult topographical and environmental conditions, demonstrated the feasibility of news gathering by an ENG van where previously only satellite news gathering was possible.

The ENG van used in this testing was equipped with an NTT Electronics HE3000 MPEG-2 HDTV encoder.