Here drives connected car vision with industry forum on cloud sensor processing

Nokia's Here unit took another step towards defining common specifications for processing information from automotive sensors through the cloud by hosting a forum comprising 16 auto industry companies.

Participants discussed a range of technical issues relating to defining a format for transferring information from a wide range of automotive sensors through the cloud, including data content, security, anonymity, and the accuracy and efficiency of data transmissions.

Here published a specification for integrating vehicle sensor information in June, stating that the move would improve road safety and cut congestion by allowing for faster updates of in-vehicle mapping systems to provide a live view of the road and traffic conditions.

Dietmar Rabel, head of product management for the automated driving program at Here, reiterated that view at the industry forum. "The ability to transmit in real-time sensor data across different vehicles on the road requires deep industry-wide collaboration," he said, adding: "[T]he result should be fewer accidents and more efficient journeys, as well as moving the industry closer to its aspiration for cars that can fully understand their environment and drive themselves."

The next step towards achieving the common specification will be the establishment of a formal working group that will work to develop standards for processing vehicle sensor data. Those efforts will be undertaken in the "upcoming weeks and months," Here stated.

Rabel previously noted that a global specification covering the processing of in-vehicle sensor data will only be achieved if the project receives widespread industry support. "If an OEM is only in a couple of thousand cars across Europe then a vehicle might only pass a certain location every two weeks and you can't do any real-time or near to real-time processing or change detection with such limited data," he said.

Ronald Hain, head of back-end development at Germany-headquartered automotive supplier Continental, said Here's push for a common specification would boost his company's existing eHorizon project "where we merge data from different car makers in a backend."

Hain said discussions at Here's forum "were incredibly robust" and identified key issues relating to the accurate transmission of data from the different sensors used by car makers throughout the world. "I believe we now have a solid foundation for our work ahead," he said.

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