HK regulator proposes fresh spectrum fees

Hong Kong regulator Ofta has proposed new spectrum fees for some wireless backhaul and satellite frequencies.
It is considering imposing a spectrum utilization fee (SUF) on spectrum that was administratively-allocated, rather than sold by auction, in order to encourage more efficient use of scarce radio real estate.
Currently, the annual SUF is charged only on 2G and 3G frequencies.
Ofta said it was weighing an SUF charge for eight spectrum bands used for wireless backhaul, electronic news gathering and some fixed satellite services in a consultation paper issued Friday.
It would only impose fees on spectrum that was more than 75% occupied “and anticipated to become more congested in the future,” however the SUF would not apply to spectrum allocated to Wi-Fi, cordless telephony and government services.
The SUF charging scheme “would serve as a price signal to encourage users of spectrum in congested bands to deploy spectrum assigned to them in a more efficient manner and, where applicable, return the surplus spectrum to the government,” Ofta stated.