Home Grid Forum expands device lineup

The HomeGrid Forum announced that twelve new products from seven vendors have passed certification testing for HomePNA interoperability and compliance. 

The certified HomePNA products feature set-top boxes from Arris and Kaon Media, residential gateways from ZyXEL and Pace, an Ethernet to HomePNA bridge from Cameo, ONTs from Calix and a new reference board from Sigma Designs.
HomePNA certification applies to products not requiring any special or new cabling, that are capable of providing data rates that allow for applications including HD IPTV streaming.

The new products have been added to HomeGrid Forum’s HomePNA products webpage.

The announcement is the first since the HomePNA Alliance merged into the HomeGrid Forum to create a larger industry association aimed at developing home networking technologies over any wire in the home based on standards approved by the ITU-T.

Other certified HomePNA products includes IP set-top boxes, residential gateways, optical network terminals and Ethernet to HomePNA bridges.

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