Honey I shrank the Wi-Fi

TRENDnet has shrunk an 802.11n Wi-Fi router into a form that travellers can carry around with them, says Techworld.

The pocket TEW-654TR is 6.4cm wide, by 8.2cm long, and 1.9cm high, not counting its power supply, and will cost a $90 (about €70) when it goes on sale around the world in March.

However, users will have to take a broadband modem with them too if they don't have access to an Ethernet connection.

The router comes with a 10/100 Ethernet port and a USB cable so there is no need to plug it into the mains electricity supply.

The TEW-654TR has internal antennas, using MIMO (multiple in multiple out) technology to limit radio dead spots and improve the robustness of the link. Maximum throughput is claimed to be 300Mbps, although Techworld reckons it will be considerably lower in reality.

Security will include various forms of WPA encryption and, presumably, support for authentication, though this was not apparent from the CES release Techworld pointed out.