Hong Kong plans Wi-Fi for public sector use

A multi-million-dollar program to provide wireless Internet services in government premises has been approved by the Hong Kong Legislative Council for improving Internet services, a Xinhua News report said.

The Xinhua report quoted deputy chief information officer Stephen Mak of the Hong Kong government as saying that the program of HK$217.6 million ($27.84 million) would bring benefits to citizens, the commercial sector, the information and communications technology industry and Hong Kong as a whole.

Under the program, Wi-Fi facilities will be set up at about 350 government premises for free use by the public in the coming two years, the report said.

And Wi-Fi services in priority sites, such as libraries and community halls, will be provided by mid 2008.

'Through this program and in concert with other Wi-Fi initiatives in the private sector, we envisage that ubiquitous access to the Internet would progressively be made available in all built-up areas of Hong Kong,' Mak said.

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