HP continues push into mobile phone market

Hewlett-Packard unveiled two new mobile phones, pushing deeper into the lucrative cell phone arena and broadening the array of equipment it can sell to large companies, an Associated Press report said.

HP, which supplanted Dell last year as the No. 1 seller of PCs worldwide, is better known for its PCs and extremely profitable printer ink than its handheld devices, the Associated Press report said.

The Associated Press report said the iPAQ 600 Series Business Navigator looks and functions like a cell phone and includes a navigation feature with 3-D maps. It is HP's second cell phone, coming on the heels of the Voice Messenger announced in February.

The company also announced the iPAQ 900 Series Business Messenger, a smart phone with a full keyboard that follows another full-keyboard model introduced last year, the report added.

HP unveiled the phones at a major launch in New York. Both run on the latest 3G high-speed networks. No carriers have been announced yet, but HP said the phones are planned to work with most major carriers.