HP unveils new wireless chip for consumer, business segment

Hewlett-Packard has developed a tiny wireless data chip that can store up to 100 pages of text and can ultimately be used in a variety of consumer and commercial applications, a Reuters report said.

The report, quoting HP officials, said the chip was about the size of the head of a match and could potentially store a patient's medical chart on a hospital band.

"There's no question that it has long-term potential," said Tim Bajarin, president of market research firm Creative Strategies of Campbell, California. "But keep in mind this is a technology announcement. It's difficult to predict what applications will be developed and what we would call the 'killer application' for this."

The report said consumers could store audio commentary, music or short videos on such a chip, affixed to a printed digital photograph.

Devices to read and write data on the chip would then eventually be embedded in cell phones, handheld computers, personal computers, printers, or small standalone readers.

Officials also said the chip could transfer data at 10Mbps, 10 times faster than Bluetooth wireless technology, comparable to Wi-Fi rates and far faster than RFID.