HTC posts Q1 loss; Ono to renegotiate the terms of its debt

> Spain's Ono, which agreed to Vodafone's €7.2 billion ($9.9 billion) takeover offer last month, will renegotiate the terms of its €3.4 billion of debt. Article

> Large retailers push into the mobile payments market with their own 'digital wallet' apps that they hope will give them more insight into consumer spending habits. Article

> BT appointed Sky Italia's commercial chief Delia Bushell as the new head of its TV and sport operations, three weeks after the departure of BT television chief Marc Watson. Article

> Taiwan-based mobile phone manufacturer HTC posted its second loss in three quarters, reporting a loss of NT$1.88 billion (€45 million/$62 million) in the first quarter. Article

And finally...A newly built block of flats in Zurich comes with a list of rules including a ban on mobile phone usage, as the flats have been designed for people who claim to have a condition known as "multiple chemical sensitivity". Article