Huawei appoints new directors

Huawei Technologies has appointed seven new executives to the company’s board, as the Chinese vendor is restructuring with a “market oriented corporate governance”.
The new appointees include CFO Meng Wangzhou, who is the daughter of founder and CEO Reng Zhengfei. Meng joined Huawei in 1993, and has held various senior positions, including CFO of Huawei Hong Kong, president of the accounting management department, president of the sales financing & treasury management department.
Others appointees are Li Jie, Ding Yun, Chen Lifang, Wan Biao, Zhang Ping’an (Alex Zhang) and Yu Chengdong (Richard Yu), who have joined Huawei in between 1992 and 1996, and been involved in the operations of the company as key members of the team.
Together the board now has 13 members including chairmanwoman Sun Yafang, and deputy chairmen Guo Ping, Xu Zhijun, Hu Houkun, Ren Zhengfei, and executive director Xu Wenwei.
The company has also appointed Ren Shulu (Steven Ren), brother of founder Ren Zengfei, to the company’s supervisory board.
Ren joined Huawei in 1992, and has served successively as president of Shenzhen Smartcom Business Co., Ltd, president of the internal service management department, and head of the capital construction investment management committee.