Huawei backs Microsoft

Huawei is reportedly set to continue producing Windows Phones smartphones after Microsoft completes its buyout of Nokia’s devices business.
Richard Ren, a senior executive in Huawei’s European consumer business, says the firm will continue producing current Windows Phone models, and plans to extend the range. Huawei currently offers one Windows Phone smartphone – the Ascend W1 -, however Ren told reporters Microsoft will remain an important partner after the takeover, the Wall Street Journal reports.
The bulk of Huawei’s smartphones run Android, however its backing for Microsoft hints at a desire to keep a fallback readily to hand in case Google’s terms ever become unpalatable. By continuing to develop Windows Phone models, the Chinese vendor could make the switch quickly, and the move also offers more immediate consumer benefits by covering all software bases.
If the ‘third way’ logic stands up, Microsoft may also hang onto its other Windows Phone customers – Samsung and HTC.
Huawei senior vice president, Chen Lifang, last week shot down suggestions the firm may acquire HTC to fuel its bid to become a major smartphone player.