Huawei sets sights on gaining smartphone market share in Europe

As Huawei expressed exasperation with security concerns that continue to thwart its ambitions in the United States for enterprise networks, the Chinese vendor this week set out its smartphone strategy for the European market at the Huawei Global Analyst Summit in Shenzhen, China. In an interview with Engadget,  Huawei Device CMO Shao Yang made it clear that despite some setbacks last year, the vendor is still targeting 60 million smartphone shipments this year with an increased focus on marketing and public relations. Earlier this month Huawei revealed in its annual report for 2012 that it shipped 32 million smartphones last year, which, while up 60 percent from 2011, was well below the company's own prior forecasts of 50 to 60 million for 2012 smartphone shipments. Article