Huge growth set for Pico projectors in cell phones

Because of their capability to overcome screen-size limitations in mobile electronics devices, tiny pico projectors embedded into products such as smartphones are set for a staggering 60-fold growth in shipments during the next four years, according to iSuppli.

Shipments of embedded pico projectors will rise to more than 3 million units in 2013, up from less than 50,000 units this year. iSuppli defines pico projectors as front projectors weighing less than 2 pound--or about 0.9 kilograms--and sized at less than 60 cubic inches--or about 983 cubic centimetres--without a battery pack. Despite their small sizes, pico projectors produce large displays, with some products capable of showing bright, 50-inch diagonal images on a wall or other surface. Article