IBM's new encryption system promises more security for mobile devices

US technology giant IBM aims to boost the level of data security on portable computers, mobile phones and other gadgets with a new method for injecting encryption capabilities into the heart of the machines' circuitry, an Associated Press report said.

According to IBM researchers, the encryption function performed by a computer's central processing unit was vulnerable to "a supremely savvy hacker" who could tap into the pathway between the machine's brain and the separate encryption engine, the report said.

The report said that to guard against this possibility, IBM developed "SecureBlue," a set of encryption circuitry that could be integrated into any processor, regardless of its manufacturer.

The report quoted Charles Palmer, IBM's chief security researcher, as saying that "this thing is trying to be one of the most paranoid devices on the planet."

Envisioneering Group analyst Richard Doherty, meanwhile, said SecureBlue's design appeared flexible enough to bring strong encryption to such new settings as mobile phones and music players.