IDC: PCs drive growth in smart connected device shipments in Q3 2014

The smart connected device (SCD) market posted another quarter of growth in Western Europe in the third quarter of 2014, driven mainly by increased demand for personal computers, according to new figures published by IDC. PC, tablet and smartphone shipments totalled 60.1 million units in the third quarter, with an 8.6 per cent increase in the volume compared with the same quarter a year ago. Shipments of PCs continued to post an increase in Q3 2014, with demand shifting towards desktops and portable PCs after few years of delayed renewals and with low-end consumer portable PCs driving the growth in shipments. On the other hand, tablets continued to contract as end users have not seen sufficient need to replace their devices. Smartphone shipments increased by 6.1 per cent, due in part to the increased availability of affordable smartphones and the proliferation of 4G networks. Release

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