IDC: Tablets now only business device for 40% of users in UK, Germany and France

According to the latest IDC study on tablets in enterprises, a large and increasing share of tablets deployed across UK, French, and German companies are the only devices that employees are equipped with to perform their business activities. The study shows that tablets are the only business device for 40 per cent of users. This percentage, however, increases significantly for 2-in-1s or convertibles, as these hybrid products are deployed to replace portable and desktop PCs thanks to the option of being used with a keyboard. In spite of the cannibalisation effect on traditional client device markets, standalone commercial tablets are also creating a huge opportunity for device makers. For example, waiters already use tablets instead of pen and paper, while doctors and nurses use them to replace paper-based files and pilots as a substitute for bulky manuals. This is where the growth opportunity lies, the research company added. Report