Improving performance of 3G, IMS, and LTE networks with the Diameter agent

Operators are turning to all-IP networks like IMS and LTE to provide the bandwidth to support swelling data loads. However, if those networks are deployed without a separate Diameter signaling core, a host of challenges related to scalability, security, mobility management, and routing will arise as traffic loads escalate.

Providers can overcome these challenges by leveraging the Diameter agent’s proxy, redirect, relay and translation capabilities.

Consolidating these functions at the DA creates a core Diameter signaling layer that relieves endpoints of routing, traffic management and load balancing responsibilities. The resulting architecture provides the flexibility and scalability to support even the most data-intensive devices and applications.

This white paper from Tekelec’s Diameter experts explores six use cases that demonstrate the applications and associated benefits of the Diameter agent in IMS and LTE networks.

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