Inauguration most heavily covered event ever

Today's presidential inauguration of Barack Obama will be the most intensively covered event of all time, through a combination of broadcasting and online content provided by people there, the Financial Times tech blog says.

CNN and Microsoft are creating a 3D walk-through of the inauguration using thousands of photos submitted by members of the public.

Pictures from mobile phones and digital cameras at the event will be processed by Microsoft's photosynth engine and fused together to create a 3D environment, according to the blog.

CNN is linking up with Facebook for the inauguration, so users can chat with one another around live video of the event.

Harris Corporation has been broadcasting high-definition pictures of the inauguration parade route since noon on Friday and is offering 3D virtual views of downtown Washington DC.

TrafficLand, which collates video from thousands of traffic cameras around the world, will be showing images from the roof of the Willard Hotel, which has views of Pennsylvania Avenue and the US Capitol, the blog reports.

GeoEye, which supplies Google's satellite pictures is promising the view from space, while there will be instant Flickr and Twitpic uploads from people there and Qik video streaming from mobile phones.