India's ECIL partners with iDirect

Electronics Corp. of India Ltd. (ECIL) and iDirect Technologies have entered a partnership to offer improved communications capabilities via satellite networks to customers in the Indian market.


The two companies recently deployed an iDirect 1IF VSAT Hub Chassis in Dehradun for Survey of India, the oldest scientific department of the Indian government. Survey of India, set up in 1767, is the National Survey and Mapping Organization of the country under the Department of Science and Technology.


ECIL chose the iDirect star/mesh hybrid solution for its advanced features, designed to optimally support IP networks in the country. The new ECIL network will support supervisory control and data acquisition, VoIP, video and other data applications, and will be used for modernization of Tide Gauge systems.


The new platform will also aid in a tsunami warning system. ECIL and iDirect will deploy the network in two phases, the first supporting a Star topology, and the second incorporating Mesh remotes onto the same network.