Infonetics: 75% of operators will deploy HSPA+ before LTE

Despite the hype surrounding LTE, around 75 per cent of operators aligned to 3GPP will implement HSPA+ prior to launching LTE, according a new survey conducted by Infonetics Research.According to Infonetics analyst Stéphane Téral, the firm anticipated back in 2008 that HSPA+ would be the default bridge to LTE, followed by a move to LTE-Advanced. Infonetics interviewed 19 incumbent, competitive, and mobile operators about their LTE network build-out plans, deployment migration scenarios, challenges, technical and commercial drivers, and the LTE services, features, and devices they plan to offer. The research firm found that Less than 47 per cent of operators in the survey will not rush to offer voice services over LTE, and would wait three years or more before doing so. Release