INSAT-4CR now in near geo-synchronous orbit

India's INSAT-4CR has been successfully placed in near-geosynchronous orbit, according to the Indian Space Research Organization.


This was done during the fifth and final orbit-raising operation conducted from the master control facility in Hassan .


The satellite's two antennas, used for transmit and receive functions, were also successfully deployed, placing the INSAT-4CR in its final three-axis stabilized mode.


The satellite is now located at 51.8 degrees E longitude and is expected to reach its final orbital position of 74 degrees E longitude by  mid-September.


After reaching its final orbital position, the satellite's drift will be arrested and in-orbit testing of the payloads will be carried out, ISRO said.


INSAT-4CR will be co-located with INSAT-3C, Kalapana-1 and EDUSAT.


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