Intec wins award for Polkomtel implementation

Intec was selected as winner in the Best Billing Solutions category at the Billing & OSS World 2009 Excellence Awards, for its work with leading Polish operator Polkomtel. 

The implementation of Intec\'s Singl.eView platform provided Polkomtel with convergent charging for all its services, using a single charging engine for pre-and post-paid subscribers, delivering significant operational and commercial benefits. 

Since Phase 1 completion, Polkomtel has launched a number of new services such as Chill Bill, whereby subscribers receive a monthly account top-up, to spend on any Polkomtel 36.6 service tariff, in exchange for receiving three, one-and-a-half minute advertisements which they connect to via a freephone IVR number.  

Ari Banerjee, vice president, enabling technologies for Yankee Group, commented, "The deployment is a superb reference site for how convergent billing can deliver distinct competitive edge, as well as increased operational efficiencies."