Intel, Ericsson to secure laptops

Intel and Ericsson are offering to protect stolen laptops by sending an SMS to the device , rendering it useless to thieves according to IDG news service.

The two companies have made Ericsson's mobile broadband modules - which add built-in support for HSPA - interoperable with Intel's Anti-Theft PC Protection Technology, part of the Intel Centrino 2 with vPro package. Leveraging this, they will offer a theft management service during the second half of 2009.

The service will send an SMS to the mobile broadband module inside the notebook, which securely transfers the message to Intel's Anti-Theft function inside the processor, which takes appropriate actions.

The service will also take advantage of GPS support in the Ericsson mobile broadband module. The location function could, for example, be used to lock the computer when it moves outside a predefined area.

Here the two companies are working with Phoenix Technologies and Absolute Software.

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