Intelsat appoints new head of Luxembourg HQ

Intelsat has appointed Flavien Bachabi as vice president of business operations and intergovernmental initiatives.
Bachabi will lead Intelsat’s Luxembourg headquarters and oversee all major business operations, joint venture agreements and regulatory filings.
He will also be responsible for managing new business activities with inter-governmental entities, development banks and similar organizations. 
Bachabi currently serves as managing director of Intelsat’s Africa sales team. He will be succeed by global account director Jon Osler, but will continue to have a role in the African region, supporting major sales initiatives.
Prior to joining Intelsat in 1996, Bachabi spent more than 15 years in senior management roles with the Benin Telecommunications administration, where he led both domestic network and international services.
Osler is the former leader of Middle East and Africa sales for ViaSat. He has over 20 years of sales experience in communications and technology companies.