Intelsat signs up Panasonic Avionics

Intelsat and Panasonic Avionics announced the signing of a multi-year service agreement that will result in the next generation of in-flight passenger broadband access.

Panasonic, known for delivering state-of-the-art in-flight technology, is introducing an advanced satellite transmission platform that will allow airline passengers the ability to access internet-based information and entertainment.

The service, Panasonic eXConnect, provides passengers internet connectivity.

The platform will leverage Intelsat's existing GlobalConnexSM Network Broadband service which is available on Intelsat's global satellite fleet of 53 in-orbit satellites, and regional teleport facilities.

By utilizing Intelsat's existing infrastructure, Panasonic will be able to introduce eXConnect in key regions around the world, providing an efficient and cost effective means to scale the network capacity as demand grows.

Panasonic eXConnect enables two-way broadband connectivity that provides a wide range of applications useful to both the passengers and crew such as VPN, live television, shopping, streaming media, telemedicine, operational applications and personal devices integrated to the airline's in-flight entertainment systems.

With data rates comparable to ground public Wi-Fi hotspots, eXConnect offers airlines the opportunity to further differentiate their in-flight product with a valuable service to their passengers.