InterDigital, Infineon expand pact on HSDPA

InterDigital Communications and Infineon Technologies announced the expansion of a long standing cooperative development and marketing agreement to include the joint development of HSDPA.
Since March 2001, InterDigital and Infineon have been developing and commercializing 3G technologies and products in a strategic relationship.
Under the expanded agreement, InterDigital and Infineon will continue to jointly develop and upgrade 3G protocol stack incorporating UMTS Release 5 and HSDPA. InterDigital will be compensated for associated non-recurring engineering services.
 "Infineon believes that by partnering with InterDigital in our 3G protocol stack development, we can more quickly bring a mature 3GPP Release 5 product to our customers, with committed HSDPA deliveries this quarter. We therefore are pleased to have expanded our joint 3G development with InterDigital to include HSDPA," Thomas Lindner, senior director for marketing at Infineon's Mobile Software Business Unit said.
InterDigital and Infineon also amended the royalty structure established in the original 2001 cooperative agreement.
The new royalty rate structure extends the term and amends the per-unit royalty rates to be paid to InterDigital for the sale of Infineon's ASICs containing jointly-developed software.