'The Internet is the future of BBC'

The Internet is the future for the 84-year-old British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC), the firm's director-general Mark Thompson, was quoted in an AFP report as saying.

The report quoted the executive as saying that he wanted to take advantage of the latest technology to turn one of the world's foremost broadcasters into a truly global media brand.

Thompson was also quoted as saying "that BBC has to be globally relevant to ensure it does not get left behind."

The BBC, funded mainly by a television license fee levied on British homes, already reached more than 250 million people around the world, the report said.

"I think we are one of the very few, perhaps the only European media brand, which could become a global consumer media brand," Thompson told AFP. "The idea that we could be really quite a big presence in many parts of the world, not trying to dominate, but alongside other media, I think that is possible."

BBC News is the world's sixth most visited news Web site and Thompson is adamant that the corporation now has to expand its multimedia activities to increase its global profile.

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