Internet use explodes in Britain, overtakes TV

The British are now spending more time on the Internet than on watching television, an AFP report, quoting a survey published by Google, said.

The report showed that British Internet users spent an average of 164 minutes online daily, the equivalent of 41 days a year, compared to 148 minutes watching television.

Men spent an average of 172 minutes on the Web daily, and women 156 minutes, the survey said.

Londoners and Scots were the most dedicated Internet users, according to the survey, which was conducted by the TNS Institute last month and involved 1,030 adults aged 16 to 64.

According to the report, online shopping is a major online activity, accounting for an average annual spend of 446 pounds (650 euros or $780) per user.

The report also said the increasing use of computers at the workplace coupled with improved technology allowing broadband connections in private homes were the main reasons for the Internet's domination.