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SHOW DAILY: What are telecom operators looking for and demanding when they build their 3G and NGN networks‾


Xie Daxiong: Telecom operators aim to strengthen their capability in service provision and service quality, to increase ARPU and decrease capex and opex when they build their 3G and next-gen networks. In short, they aim to maintain and enhance their profit-earning ability in the intensely competitive market. Compared to the existing mobile and fixed networks, 3G and NGN have more capacity in service loading, such as multimedia and data services. In the long run, the convergence of fixed and mobile networks as well as the convergence of telecommunications and IT networks will give birth to more innovative service types.


How would the requirements of operators in developed countries differ from the operators in developing countries‾


The requirements of operators in developed countries differ substantially from the operators in developing countries. In general, they are in different development phases of network construction. Most of operators in developing countries are focusing on the network deployment to feed the needs of basic voice service and data service like SMS. While, operators in developed countries demand more data services, including interactive applications and multimedia applications. In Korea, Singapore and part of China, the data services are also developing so fast as to come close to developed countries.


How is ZTE working to ensure its solutions meet operators' requirements‾


As a customer-oriented company, the essence is to know customers in all facets and make customized solutions that meet the requirements of the current and future market. This mode guarantees that our work comes closer to customers' requirements. Secondly, we invest 10% of our revenue annually and have more than 10,000 people in R&D.


What will be the major focus of 3G operators over the next two years, in terms of technology and business development‾


In respect of business development, 3G operators will focus on multimedia applications, such as video phones, video monitoring, mobile TV, positioning services, etc. In respect of technology, they will concentrate on post-3G evolution from technical standards to applications, such as NGMN.


With consolidation putting vendors under pressure, what measures will you undertake to sustain your growth in the international markets and maintain your profit margin over the next few years‾


On one hand, ZTE will further strengthen its power in R&D, services and branding in spite of industry consolidation. ZTE must continue to increase its competitiveness year by year, which is essential for sustained growth in international markets. On the other hand, we believe that industry consolidation is a challenge as well as an opportunity as the overall prospects of the telecoms market are promising.


In September ZTE signed a deal with BT to jointly develop multi-mode 3G/DAB-IP handsets. How is the deal going‾ And what is ZTE's plan on mobile TV‾


The multi-mode 3G/DAB-IP handset is still in the process of development.


No more details are can be released at the moment as required by the contract terms. The mobile TV has two basic modes, namely streaming media and broadcasting. The more preferable mode around the globe is broadcasting. Of course, there are multiple standards such as T-DMB, DAB-IP and MediaFLO. ZTE has got itself ready for all the technology standards and is preparing to launch one mobile TV handset style in the fourth quarter.


Do you think mobile TV will be a killer app for 3G‾


While mobile TV is one very important application for 3G handsets, there will be plenty of functional applications launched on 3G network and terminals, such as video phones, teleconferencing and video synchronous monitoring. The 3G subscribers can share all the applications supported by service provider software via 3G networks.


What is ZTE's major focus at ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006‾


We are demonstrating our latest technology achievements and showcasing our full range of terminals including 3G handsets. Highlights include: 

  • 3G solutions such as TD-SCDMA, UMTS-HSDPA, cdma2000 1x EV-DO, GoTa and IMS
  • FMC solutions including access technologies such as SS, MSAN, WiMAX, optical transmission and data products 
  • IPTV solutions including head-end, DRM and VoD server products Access modes including WLAN, Bluetooth, GPON, ADSL and WiMAX Enterprise network services and OSS
ZTE is located at Booth 1008, Hall 1