Investors interested in Telecom Italia

Telecom Italia received expressions of interest to invest in the group's capital, but none of these has become concrete, a Dow Jones report said

The former monopoly, which is under pressure as its share price stays close to 10-year lows, said it will unveil its much-awaited new 2009-11 business plan December 2, following approval from the board.

According to a source, a Libyan sovereign wealth fund is ready to buy a stake in Telco, the holding company that controls Telecom Italia, the Dow Jones report said.

The potential investment could give a much-needed boost to Telco, which took control of Telecom Italia in April 2007, and is struggling to overhaul the telecom company's finances, the Dow Jones report said.

The former state monopoly has €37 billion in debt and faces falling margins at home and abroad owing to stiffening competition and regulatory pressures, the report further said.