Investors push for BlackBerry breakup

Embattled smartphone maker BlackBerry may be carved up and sold off in pieces, according to the latest reports about the future of the company.
Private equity firms and other companies considering taking part in a potential sale of BlackBerry are more keen on acquiring parts of the company, and there is little interest in mounting a full takeover bid, Reuters reported citing insider sources.
Analysts believe the more valuable areas of BlackBerry's business are its services operations, its patent portfolio and its cash and investments.
Its handset business is thought to have little value in light of BlackBerry's shrinking market share.
Still, analysts put a value on the lucrative assets that is higher than the company's $5.4 billion market value, so selling them separately might make the most financial sense for BlackBerry.
The major smartphone vendors have shown little sign of wanting to take part in a sale – Huawei has already publicly ruled out acquiring BlackBerry or HTC

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