iOS apps without the programming

Cloud-based BPM services company Interneer will this month launch what it says is the first system that can be used to create native iOS enterprise apps without any knowledge of programming required.
The Smart Mobile Apps system is set to launch on November 18. The company says it will enable the creation of customized, true native iOS applications for enterprise use, integrated with backend and legacy systems.
Smart Mobile Apps sits on top of the Interneer Intellect Platform and drag and drop workflow interface. This allows users to create custom mobile apps to handle processes that need automating, such as expense reporting, project management, order taking/tracking, etc.
Apps created with this platform are tied-in to existing backend/legacy systems. Additionally, new apps can be developed and deployed as new processes are needed, with updates to existing apps immediately pushed out to devices.
Interneer users can create as many mobile apps as they need with their license, and employee, partner and customer access is free.