IP-based MPEG-2 video solutions

SELECTV has deployed Harmonic's IP-based compression and multiplexing solutions for its DTH satellite pay-TV service in Australia.

Harmonic's DiviCom Electra 1000 multi-channel MPEG-2 variable bit-rate (VBR) encoder is being used in combination with the DiviTrackIP distributed statistical multiplexing solution to allow SELECTV to more easily aggregate content while maximizing their service carrying capacity and providing superior video quality.

The DiviCom Electra 1000 encodes up to four channels in a compact one rack-unit package. As such, SELECTV is able to implement a 12-channel multiplex in a mere five rack units, significantly reducing space and power requirements.

The DiviTrackIP solution streamlines the aggregation of content and minimizes video bit-rates by dynamically interoperating with encoders over a LAN or WAN.

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