iPad users report difficulties connecting to Wi-Fi

Multiple iPad owners have reported recurring issues with their device's Wi-Fi connection, in the first dark clouds for Apple since the launch of the device.
A number of US users of the device have found that their device picks up only weak signals in areas where other Wi-Fi devices are having no problem connecting, ReadWriteWeb reported
Another common issue being reported is the iPad losing its connection to the Wi-Fi network, and being unable to log back in.
There is no official fix for the problem, and the best response iPad users have managed to come up with on their own is turning off and on the Wi-Fi service or restarting the device.
The problem could be related to Verizon's FiOS network, ReadWriteWeb said, as a large number of complainants mention that they are using the fibre-to-the-curb service.
But Verizon said it has no evidence that the connection issues are being caused by the FiOS network, and its call centre has not received any calls complaining of dropped or failed iPad connections.
And Apple has a history of releasing devices and software that have issues with their Wi-Fi connections.
iPhone 3G S users reported similar issues when that device launched last year, and users of earlier iPhones also experienced problems after upgrading to the iPhone 3.0 software.