iPhone a great success in Germany, claims Deutsche Telekom head

René Obermann, CEO of Deutsche Telekom, gave full praise to the success of the iPhone in Europe reporting more than 150,000 3G iPhones were sold in Germany since its July launch. He also confirmed that, as with the original iPhone, subscribers were taking out much larger tariff bundles and proving to be higher spending customers. Of significance, according to Obermann, these 3G iPhone users were consuming on average 25 to 30 times more data than other smartphone users. "So the UI and applications make a huge difference."

While Obermann admitted the 3G iPhone had been equally successful in the US he claimed T-Mobile USA had a strong portfolio to rival the iPhone, including devices from HTC, RIM, and Samsung. This line up could well be bolstered with the addition of the Google Android device with its announcement planned for this week.

The company's efforts in promoting its One Euro laptop device had proved successful, said Obermann. "The business model makes a lot of sense luring in good customers who take up higher tariffs. Plus, the subsidy is not that bad. But we will see how it grows in Europe before bringing it to the US."

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