iPhone accounts for two-thirds of mobile web traffic

Apple's iPhone is now responsible for 66.61% of global mobile web traffic according to a new study from web solutions provider NetApplications.

The Java ME platform follows a distant second at 9.06%, trailed by Windows Mobile at 6.91%. NetApplications notes that despite the iPhone's commanding lead in mobile browsing share, Android (6.15%, tied with Symbian) and BlackBerry (2.24%) are rapidly gaining market share, but the report notes that doesn't mean Apple's lead is shrinking, but that the overall market is growing fast.

In all, mobile web browsing only account for 0.72% of all web browsing, but that's up from 0.69% in January 2009.

NetApplications adds that Google's search dominance on smartphones is now even greater than its lead on the desktop: it accounted for 97.5% of global smartphone searches in February 2009.

Yahoo followed with just 2.03% and MSN represented only 0.07%. NetApplications notes that Microsoft's recent five-year search agreement  with Verizon Wireless should improve its mobile profile in the years ahead.

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